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Sep. 19th, 2009

(no subject)

True happiness consists not multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.

I think people are gonna bash me because l've not updated my blog for like the longest time. HEH! Busy with exams, bowling etc. Now, busy with finding a freaking job. So difficult to find one. And l don't think it's due to the recession. I wanna get a job so badly. Tried the Kinokuniya. Strict working place. No study leave. No off days. What the hell!

Maybe lm thinking that this is the WORST holiday EVER! l've to attend to  camps this holiday. GOSH! Thinking of it, creeps me out. First was the volleyball camp. Although it's over, it was torturous. Climbing stairs, Obstacle Courses. Man! We all nearly died from all the extreme workouts. Second camp would be the OBS. Although it stands for Outward Bound Singapore, I think to me, it means Oh Boy Singapore. Why would someone come up with this idea for a camp. Every thought of it freaks me out. Imagining me having nightmares about it. AHHA!!!!

Just came back from my short getaway trip a couple of nights back. Had fun there. Lucky dad tagged along for the next 2 days. Cause all of us were running out of cash. People like me and Bernard. HAHA! Joke sial. Go-karted, shopped. What else? HAHA! EAT! EAT! EAT! second night dinner was like a FEAST! 2 fish, 2 vegetables, at least 10 crabs, gong gong, lala, fresh prawns. Nuts uh? Next day lunch was nasi padang. Many plates of food, mostly curry cooked. HAHA! Time really passes by so slowly in Batam. And guess what? What happen in Batam, stays in Batam. (;

Im gonna train extra extra hard for my bowling. As yknow, lm in the NYP team for the bowling pol-ite games. GOSH! Im freaking out. What if l don't perform well? Wil l be a throw face? Many thoughts are running through my small mind. ):

That's all for tonight.

PS: Guys!Guys!Guys!


(no subject)


Im updating my blog tmr. So get ready for all the nonsense that lm gonna crap about.

So, goodnight earthlings! (:



Aug. 10th, 2009

(no subject)

Trust you to do that to me!):

A rather fun-filled weekend. A.Anna's 50th birthday celebration down at Goldkist resort. Was way fun. We had fun disturbing each other. Especially for Mark, he had the pleasure to disturb me. LOL! Bought a necklace from Citigems for A.Anna. Well, it was a last min gift though. HAHA! Pictures will be uploaded tmr. lm so lazy to update.

Another happy note is that l don't have to go back to school anymore. Cause lm having study break and after study break it's my holiday. OMG! lm waiting for this period of time. But another headache is that it's time for me to get a temp job. So that l've got income monthly. GOD! l just hate job hunting session. How l wish l didn't have to quit scruffy's. l miss the people there except that fellow. HAHA! (:

How can someone treat you like that when you've lent a listening ear to him. Is it fair for me or am l those type that easily get bullied by people like you? You don't have an idea what to do and here am l advising you what to do or give my opinion. What lm doing is to lighten your burden so that your life won't be so tough. But guess what l get in return? You calling me names for nothing. Please be in my shoes. Understand my feelings. And now you're mad at me for hanging up on you. Whatever it is, lm giving up on you!

On a lighter note, l might be going Bangkok with Melissa and her brother's friends. Shopping timeeeeeeee!(: lm so excited. Cause this would be my first time going on a holiday with my girlf and sharing the same room. WOOTS! (:

Should l do my makeup lesson tmr? HAA! l don't think so. l might be going back to school to complete my project. TskTsk! l don't wanna do the fucking codes. ): Someone help me out here!(:



Aug. 5th, 2009

(no subject)

You're bring me way down. But l wanna stay on the top. Can you stop doing that to me? ):

Jul. 29th, 2009

(no subject)

Im glad lm making you pissed off, BITCH!

Think it thru. Your attitude towards asking me the question is like what THEN you come fucking me off. HAHA! For the past 15 weeks, lm always having my wed off. You are a bloody stupid 'SISTER', if you think that you're and l hope you're not, don't know anything about me having a wed off. DUMB SHIT! Let her tell you what all she wants. Cause l freaking know it's true. Talking about lazy, you're the freaking lazy one. Not washing the dishes after using the plates and stuff, just throwing all your stuff on the table. HAHA! lm better off than you BITCH!

lm just ranting my anger because some bitch just wanna fuck me off in her blog. Thinking whatever she does is so great! Thinking about that makes me so nauesous.

lm gonna wash my hands off everything. It's time for me to ignore all stuff and just carry on living MY own life. I don't have a sister like that. l better not affect myself with her. (:


Jul. 27th, 2009

(no subject)


What does respect means? l'll show you if you don't have a clue. A formal expression or gesture of greeting, esteem, or friendship. Well, l guess you and  THAT partner of yours doesn't know a thing about it, do you? HA! Thinking that you two are some great couple. GOD! You two are despicable. No wonder got not much friends. And you, treating this as your won home, PLEASE LARH! Get out asap. Don't ever step into my house larh. Thinking that no one knows whatever you two are doing, but l do. Believe it or not, l really do. HAHA! Too bad! (:

Now back to reality!(:

Friday had a match with TP. But l couldn't play. l was down with SUPER high fever. Coach assumed that it was h1n1. Damn him! ): So, l gave the match a miss. Went home and lie in bed and still my temp kept rising.

Saturday was a stay-home saturday. Rested the whole day to go for the feast day at St.Anne's on Sunday. Went to visit the doc and had 5 days mc. So lm gonna make full use of my mc. HAHA! (:

Sunday. An eventful day. Firstly, attend 9am mass. Secondly, go for the feast day. But l don't really find that the fun fair was a blast. l wanted to get shirts but it had to be paid in cash. What the hell! So my tickets are out to my aunty and uncle to play those fun fair games. HAHA! Thirdly, we head to kovan superbowl. We had a family bowling session. Starting, Jeremy, Juliana and Uncle Justin were in a team. Uncle Frank, Mervyn, Mark, Michael, Uncle Steve, Aunty Maryanne, my Dad and me. After 2 games, a few people couldn't play already. So we swopped the team. HAHA! Uncle Steve was the CHAMPION! (:

lm giving school a miss for Monday and Tuesday. HAHA! Told you lm gonna make full use of my mc. HAHA! (:



Jul. 23rd, 2009

(no subject)

It has been a long day today. Had school from 8-6. What a killer. l dread school now. Cause it make it seems like the reason to come to school is to sit for the test. Which is horrible. And what a horror, l've flunk my WAD BIG TIME! ): l think l kinda put all the codes at the wrong place. Shit! l prefer IADP. Heh! (:

Met Jia Jing today to hand the invoice to him. For the first time, lm speaking to him so much. We actually gossip-ed and chat about girls. We even walked down to the atrium to look at the girl which he thinks she's cute. Well, l can only say that his taste is much better than the guys in my class. HAHA!

Database was alright. Lecture time went passed so quickly. Didn't get the chance to sleep cause was busy copying ERP homework. HAH! But the lab was fine. Understood it. HAHA! And again, there's another test for database next week AGAIN! OMG! When's all the test gonna end? There's no ending to it. ):

Tmr's my game with TP.  l pray that things will go on smoothly for everything. Hope we don't get the score under 10 and that's fine. HAH! l don't want to put the hope so high. The higher the hope, the greater the disappointment. (:



Jul. 22nd, 2009

(no subject)

lm going nuts about school. Seriously, the work load is too heavy for me to handle. l can lose weight everyday thinking about the next day's test that's about to happen. HAHA! What's this world coming to? Are we suppose to enjoy life while mugging our ass off? ):

Lucky this week there's only one match and that is friday. Phew. If not, it's gonna affect my studies.

How l wish l can drop networking. Man! l don't understand a single shit about it. And it's a exam-able module.God! Just kill me! ):

l wanna go for my driving. But l've checked the slots. No available slots until the end of Sep. How How? Should l go back to him and get scolded? Maybe l should. Then l can get the license faster and then it'll be more convient for me. How about that? (:



Jul. 19th, 2009

(no subject)

Since you're giving me this treatment, l shall give it back to you too!

Yesterday had an outing to Sentosa. Many people turned up in the end. So fun. Played 2 on 2 all. (:

It's just a brief idea what lm to yesterday. No further details.

Do you ever have this feeling when you wanna help everyone but you couldn't do it? Or do you have that feeling when you're wrongly accused? That's how my heart is feeling. Why does he always look on the negative side? HELLO!! lm being the filial one not her. Why does things got to end like that? lm starting to back away from you. Open your eyes and look out for more things. My heart is so heavy that l can cry a million litres of tears. All lm asking is why why why. lm hearing things from everyone but look like l have to solve it. lm the middle person and lm just a nineteen year old girl. Why put me in a difficult position. l dread it BADLY.

lm starting to think that my life now is in a mess. How am l suppose to solve the problem? Well, l don't think that lm worrying too much or what. But the fact that lm the only one who speaks to him with logic and end up getting hurt. Oh well.

And you! l've got nothing to say to you anymore. Trust you to treat me like that. Double disappointment. ):

l hate mondays!):




Jul. 8th, 2009

(no subject)

lm having depression once lm back to school. Wonder why? ):

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